MFB OSC-02 Triple VCO and Mixer OSC (Faulty) synth modules Eurorack

MFB OSC-02 Triple VCO and Mixer OSC (Faulty) synth modules Eurorack
- These synth modules have been damaged in transit, and do not function properly (see below), perhaps someone handy with a soldering iron could fix them -
OSC-02 - Oscillators 2 and 3 work as normal, but Oscillator 1 (CV input and ouput 1) does not work.
Mixer Osc - Needs to be soldered to OSC 02, but has one wire missing (see photo)
Modules come with screws, box and instructions.
* 3 voltage-controlled analog oscillators
* triangle, saw tooth, square waveforms
* common and individual CV-control
* 2 x pulse width modulation
* internal and external hard-sync
* digital ring-modulation
OSC-02 may look like OSC-01 but is a very different beast inside. Unlike its hybrid brother OSC-01, the OSC-02 uses fully analog technique
taken from MFB Synth II model. Three oscillators with all benefits and the typical character of analog construction in a single compact module.

OSC-02 offers a variety of notable functions: Beside a common CV-control voltage for all VCOs, all oscillators can be individually controlled by CV-sources, e.g.|
by different tracks of a CV-sequencer like Doepfers MAQ-16/3 or the AS Oberkorn. VCO 1 can be synchronized to VCO 3, individually or paired with VCO 2.
The same goes

Three outputs allow for summed and individual audio outputs. A separate outputs carries a digital ring-modulated signal of OSC 1 and 2
(configurable to OSC 1-3 by jumper).

The module has a width of 80 mm (16 TE).


* Mixing module for OSC-01/02’s individual oscillators
* integrated noise generator
* two separate multiples
The MIXER OSC module is an add-on for MFB’s triple-oscillators OSC-01/02. It is not to be used as a stand-alone mixer. It is bridged to the OSC-module
using six wires from the circuit board, allowing for individual volume control for the oscillators.

MIXER OSC also offers a white noise generator with individual level control.

Finally, the module also offers two multiples (3-way, 4-way) for comfortable signal distribution.

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NB - These modules were damaged in transit whilst moving house not while being shipped from seller / manufacturer

UPDATE - I have tested the unit again and CV Input 1 works as normal, as does the OSC 1 Tune knob. CV1 out and the wave and octave switches for OSC 1
do not work.

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