MGM Grand Air lot-12 items-1992-1994

Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian started MGM Grand Air in September 1987. He used 727's and reconfigured them to all all first class cabin with 33 seats. There were swiveling barcaloungers, two passenger love seats and private compartments. Six tuxedo clad flight attendants were in waiting . The chef worked from an open kitchen near the luxurious sit down bar. In the beginning they flew one route from LAX to JFK. Clientele were from the movie stars and entertainment moguls. Fare was comparable to all the majors. They added Las Vegas a few years later and then sold immediately to a small tour operator. End of decadent luxury service.
This lot includes:
1992 16 panel promotional brochure along with a seating guide for the aircraft
1992-1993 frequent flyer rewards catalog
two one page ads dated 8/15/94 and 8/29.94
two industry articles dated 8/29/94 and 11/14/94 highlighting the airline
Timetable dated 9/8/94 along with a 10 page promotional brochure describing inflight amenities
three match books and a small paper gift bag.