MIB Aristo 101E Overhead Projector Slide Rule

This brand new ex-distributor stock Overhead Projector slide rule is a demonstration model for the Aristo 0901 Junior, and is of the excellent quality associated with the Aristo name. It comes in a yellow padded hardboard box with original packaging and instruction leaflet.

Everything is in perfect, as new condition.

The rule is 15in by 6 3/4in.The base plate of 1/8in perspex has a grey opaque lower surface showing two "windows" of 9 3/4in by 2 3/4in in size. The upper window has the Aristo 0901 scales of DF,[CF,CIF,CI,C] D,A,K in full colour (yellow highlight of CF,C and red reciprocal scales markings) identical to the slide rule.

The lower window has scales of 20cm [20cm,A],A in black. All scales markings are screen printed with excellent resolution, identical to the 0901 slide rule. A second 1/8in perspex movable panel bearing the slide scales, and the "cursor" (of 1/8in perspex, 3 7/8 wide, four hairlines), are both moved by the knobs provided. The base sheet is screwed into an opaque white perspex support (3/8in by 3/4in) top and bottom with grooves for the slide and cursor which has the legend "Aristo Junior" in Red at the top, and "Aristo-Werke . Dennert & Pape KG . Hamburg . Germany " in black on the bottom.

Also included is an equally immaculate Aristo 0901 Junior slide rule that of
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