MIB Snoopy W/ Love Letter Watch W/Pink Leatherette Band

If you are a Peanuts collector,then you will certainly want to take a look at our line of various novelty watches! This particular watch depicts Snoopy holding,what appears to be a love letter,from a female admirer (could it be his old girlfriend,Belle?) Snoopy stands in the thick,green grass with trees and a large Dutch style windmill,in the background.This watch has an adjustable pink leatherette style band with silver findings.There are pictures of Snoopy all along the band,along with 60's style flowers.The box is also brand new and in excellent condition.Because of all the pictures of the Peanuts gang that appear on it,the box is destined to become a collectible in and of itself! Inside the box,behind the watch,is a picture of Snoopy holding Woodstock,the tiny yellow bird, in a loving and snuggly hug.The pair is surrounded by paw prints."Snoopy" is written in red,outlined in white,above the picture.Two sides of the box feature Snoopy and Woodstock on rollerskates.All around them are tiny bubbles featuring Snoopy with various other Peanuts characters.The remaining two sides feature the entire Peanuts gang,with Snoopy and Charlie Brown carried aloft on their shoulders,as Woodstock flies unsteadily behind Snoopy.The bottom of the box features the same picture that can be found underneath the watch,along with the words:"Made in China.