Born in 1957, Gulezian was only six when he started playing the acoustic guitar. One of the people who did a lot to encourage Gulezian's interest in many different types of music was his father, an oud player who was well-versed in Armenian and Middle Eastern styles. (The oud is a traditional Arabic lute that has been used all over the Middle East and North Africa for centuries).
Growing up in Colorado, Gulezian was exposed to a wide variety of music. He learned a lot about Middle Eastern forms from his father, and he also got into everything from rock, folk, soul, and the blues to traditional Indian artists like sitar legend Ravi Shankar (another influence).
One can hear the influence of ragas and Indian classical music in Gulezian's playing, and one also hears a strong appreciation of acoustic Mississippi country/blues legends like Robert Johnson, Son House, and the Rev. Gary Davis.
Gulezian was still a pre-adolescent when he discovered Fahey's music; he soon became equally knowledgeable of Kottke and Basho. And when Gulezian was a high school senior, he met Basho at a concert in Pueblo, CO. Gulezian played one of his compositions for Basho, who was impressed with both his playing and his writing, and encouraged him to send a demo to Fahey's Takoma Records.
In 1979, Gulezian recorded Snow, his first LP,
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