Michael Hero Burgundy and Black Art Deco Frame

Exquisite MICHAEL HERO Square Burgundy and Black Art Deco Frame With Hand Set Genuine Swarovski Crystal Made of Fine Pewter With Hand Applied Enamel.

Brand New in Original Box and Original Packaging with Inserts.


Michael Hero designs, formerly a division of the Nob Hill Luxury Group, have been discontinued, according to my sources. These items will become more and more difficult to obtain as retailers' and individual sellers' supplies are depleted.

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Formerly found in major high-end department stores such as Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom and Macy, and fine jewelry stores such as Bailey, Banks and Biddle and Zales, Michael Hero designs can best be described as "table jewelry." Michael Hero has over twenty-five years of jewelry design and manufacturing experience, and each design is a piece of art, sculpted to be admired from every angle, as the back, sides, stand and clips are as intricately finished as is the beautiful front. Every Michael Hero design is meticulously hand-crafted by carefully selected and trained artisans. Their model-maker hand carves the mold into which the items are cast in the highest quality lead-free genuine pewter. The casted items are then plated in gold, silver, brass or nickel. The design is vividly brought to life with custom-blended
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