Michael Jackson Olodum T-Shirt

This shirt is the same shirt that Michael Jackson wore in the "They Do't Care About Us" video. � The video was filmed in Salvador Bahia, Brazil in 1995. The exact shirt Michael wore was open at the collar to make it more comfortable. � You are able to view the video on youtube. � The shirt was given to me in 1995 by Antonio Luis Alves de Souza a/k/a Neguinho do Samba. � He was the founder of Olodum. � I was a friend of his. � I also have many other friends who grew up in Salvador Bahia. � My friends practice Capoeira Angola and were members of Olodum. � The shirt is original and made in Bahia, Brazil. � I have seen reproductions of the other shirt that Michael wore in the video , but not this shirt. � The shirt is made from a unique fabric and all of the designs and lettering are raised. � The Olodum patch on the rear is also raised. � The shirt has never been wore.