Michael Jordan Autographed UDA Jersey Number 23 Framed

We are proud to introduce this Michael Jordan hand-signed "Red Large Jersey Number 23" by Upper Deck Authenticated. The identification number on the COA (BAJ20353) has been recorded at the Upper Deck headquarters and corresponds to the holographic marking on the actual item. Through this process, the authenticity of Upper Deck Authenticated memorabilia and the signature it bears is fully guaranteed. Michael Jordan's signature was witnessed by a representative of Upper Deck Authenticated as part of their 5-step authentication process. The full size of this framed masterpiece comes to 33 inches wide and 23 inches tall.
This Upper Deck Authenticated collectible is protected by a patented (U.S. Patent number 5380047) authentication process unmatched in sports today. In order to protect the inegrity of the product, a numbered hologram seal is affixed to identify each item sold and includes a certificate of ownership with a matching number. These holograms are carefully crafted and produced to deter counterfeiting.
Each individual product that bears an original autograph is signed in the presence of an Upper Deck Authenticated representative and is registered by its numbered hologram and kept on permanent file.
After purchase, you may register your ownership. Your name will be listed as the owner of record at that time. This
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