Happy New Year!!
I have decided to start selling off my personal collection. I came to the unfortunate conclusion that I just can't compete with some of the collections I see out t Some of you guys have some mind boggling cards. I thought mine was good until a couple years ago when I discovered Ebay and all the cards I only imagined I would ever see. In any case, I am saving up for a car and that's w the money is going to. I will be selling off the rest of my collection in small lots like this over the next couple months. Thanks for looking and Happy bidding. All cards are NM-Mint or Better. I am not a professional grader nor do I claim to be one. I will list any defects I might see. Although some of these cards are graded, I have never had a single card of mine sent in to be graded because I really don't care to take the time to. Any questions, feel free to email or call .
1) 1986 Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie - Centering is 45/55 side to side and about 60/40 top to bottom. Corners are sharp and clean and edges are smooth. Surface is clean. Looks like a possible PSA 9 or even 10 or BGS 8.5 or 9. You be the judge.
2) 2003-04 Lebron James Sweet Shot Rookie Jersey PSA 10 - Nothing to argue about
3) 1985 Michael Jordan Nike Rookie Card - Said to be 7 times more rare than the fleer card. I have seen the BGS 10 version
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