RARE!!! This stunning porcelain piece by Michael Sutty is truly a unique find. Michael Sutty was a British sculptor who produced busts and figurines, mostly of uniformed military personnel, in ceramic, clay, china and procelain, and whose works were described as so complex and technically difficult they were "unmakeable". Michael Sutty died in 2003 in England at the age of 66. This piece is really atypical of Sutty's works - mostly of military figures. Through research, I have been able to see some of Sutty's other pieces, none of which capture the spirit of the subject nor exhibit the beauty as this one does. I have styled this piece as either a greyhound, whippet or Italian Greyhound as it is next to impossible to discern the difference between the 3 breeds in the world of art unless t is something by which to gauge the size, such as a gazelle or a rabbit. This piece beautifully refers to the muscling of all these breeds, yet doesn't overwhelm. T is a black collar around the neck, and the tail, which you can see in the left-facing photo is also black. This piece is in pristine condition, no chips, scratches, flaws, is museum quality. What an opportunity to own a truly beautiful piece of porcelain produced by a known artist - t will be no more. The piece measures about 6" in length, 4" in height, and 3" wide. The imprint on the ... read more