Michael Thonet Sterling Silver Mini "Thonet" Chair by ACME Studio - NEW

Michael Thonet Sterling Silver Mini "Thonet" Chair by ACME Studio

The original Michael Thonet designed "Thonet" chair, made of bent wood. This one is a sterling silver, handmade miniature, manufactured by Acme Studios. Made in 1995. Only 250 ever made. Part of a collection of 13 chairs which also includes Starck, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mackintosh, Rietveld, De Lucchi, Eames, Gehry, and others which will be appearing in future auctions. Perfect condition, never used, in its original packaging, no longer in production.

DIMENSIONS: 2 3/8" tall X 1" wide

About ACME Studio

Started in 1985, ACME Studio is an international product design company, producing and marketing writing instruments, and other design objects. Its products are the result of cooperation with the world's leading architects, designers, artists, foundations, estates and institutions. ACME Studio has a habit of producing limited editions and/or discontinuing products and destroying the molds - this causes items to become very unique and collectible.

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