Michelin Man Bibendum ~ Michelin Woman Bibette Mascot

The Michelin Woman ~ Je t'aime Bibette Raison d'être We thought t must be so many lonely Michelin Men out t so we thought it high time he benefited from the friendship of a Michelin Woman. As Michelin man blasts along Route 66 in the dead of night he now has a faithful friend and companion to keep him warm. No more hard shoulders (pun intended) and cold legs in the middle of the night, someone to say... "Bib darling... my headaches lifting". Our Bibette has been created mindful of the traditional 1930's Michelin Man art Deco theme, and apart from a few minor, though necessary (female) differences, remains faithful to the original vintage Michelin Man genre. This unique Michelin Woman isn't just rare, she's the only one of her kind in the whole world, we should know, since we made the master and the mould. So if you have it in your heart to make a Michelin Man happy, read on. Michelin Man (Bibendum) was originally based on the art work of the French illustrators O'Gallop and DDB Needham. The Michelin Man we all know today owes more to the work Walter Storozok, the creative director of Michelin North America.
This version is made from a solid block of high density polyurethane and has been designed and manufactured based on the original artwork of Storozok. She was created by using an innovative 3D CAD tracing method, (no hand
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