J.A Michell Transcriptors SATURN Transcription Turntable Original Classic Rare

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Vintage Rare J A Michell Transcriptors Saturn Turntable from about 1972

Pictures speak for themselves,

This is a great turntable as the picture show, 40+ years old and still looks amazing

It has its original packaging and some original paperworketc etc

It was lovingly packed away by my dad some time ago.

As you can see from this picture, this is an amazing looking turntable. I recently ordered a new belt (include worth £15) to check it worked, reed switch works fine and the turntable keeps good time. It sounds great

There turntable isnt quite mint, the playing weights seem to be different colours, one looks almost silver, the others look tarnished. I notice on the Transcriptors pages that the moder version of these tables have silver weights and a black platter

The arm , unless you are very very gently with the arm lift, can come off its gimple, I am sure this is a simple adjustment for someone who knows about these. because of this i could not quite get the playing weight right

There is a hum through the amp (very slight) when the turntable motor is running, again I am sure this is simply fixed.

One of the little plastic cylinders which make up the hinge for the cover has gone missing, im sure this could be relaced (see pics)
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