Mickey Mantle Yankees Vintage Topps Baseball Card Lot

Available now is a vintage Mickey Mantle Topps lot featuring 4 popular issues of this Yankees HOF player with a high Beckett value of $2100.00. I have put what I think is a reasonable Buy it Now price but as I am willing to consider offers you can let me know what you think the lot is worth. I will respond to all reasonable offers! You will receive the 1958 Topps issue #418 featuring Hank Aaron, the 1959 Topps card #10, the 1967 Topps card #150, and the 1968 Topps card #280. I know how tough it is to buy non-graded cards on-line so I will do my best to describe each cards pluses and minuses. I am not a professional grader! I have included scans of the front and back of each card and I am a long time collector so I feel that my descriptions are fairly accurate. are the details on each card minus the centering questions which are clear in the scans. 1958 Topps - Outstanding color and focus and the picture is bright! The back is very clean and displays flawlessly. The card has NO CREASES and the only wear is on the corners which is overall minimal. The surface looks great! Current high Beckett is $400.00. 1959 Topps - Great color and focus with a clean back. NO CREASES! Wear on the 4 corners and some minor edge wear. The surface looks good. Current high Beckett is $1000.00. 1967 Topps - clean and crisp picture with one of Mantle's most ... read more