Mickey Mouse Disney Vintage 1970s Toy Car

Disclaimer: I am no expert on this item, I am just helping my uncle clean out his basement.

I describe the best I can and will send more pictures if need be.

You are bidding on a 1981

Mickey Mouse Car

by Masudaya Corp.

Description: Mickey Mouse is sitting in the driver's seat of a Model T.

Mickey's head swivels from right to left.

He is wearing a red bow tie, red shorts, yellow shoes and a yellow hat.

The car is blue with gold details.

T is lever on the left side that you can pull up on that makes the car travel.

The lever and drive

The car is in good working condition.

The back of the car is labeled Masudaya Corp. 1981.

Underneath, the car has "Walt Disney Productions" and "Made in Japan " written on it. T are some "tape residue" spots on the back and bottom or this car.

This could be cleaned up with the proper cleaning product if desired.

Overall the car is on good condition.

Mickey Mouse has two small paint chips on the top of his hat.

The front right plastic "leaf spring" has broken but is still attached to the axle.

The axle is still attached just fine to the left front "leaf spring".

All of this does not affect the overall appearance.

This is still
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