Micro Diesel .15 Model Airplane Engine1947(#1484)

This auction is for a Micro Diesel model airplane engine of .152displacement. Micro Diesel Co. of Detroit, MI manufactured this engine starting in 1947. The crankcase is sand cast and “Micro Diesel” is cast around the front of the crankcase. The serial number is stamped on the outside of the right mounting lug as “1458”. The crankshaft turns with compression but there is a little play in the rod or somewhere. It has been mounted and run but is clean.

These engines are from the collection of Ted Enticknap. SAM 8 is helping the family dispose of the engines at this time. There are many engines and most of them are in new or near new condition. Ted has many engines that are prototype and/or one of a kind. It is difficult for us to know for sure whether the engine is a prototype or has replica parts on it. Watch my listings for other engines to be auctioned over the next few months.

Most of the engines in this collection are very old. Many are stuck or sluggish. They will need to be cleaned if you want to run them. We are not cleaning or repairing these engines. We have found that some of these engines have broken or missing internal parts. We do not open these engines to inspect them. Engines we note as the shaft does not turn may or may not have major problems. ALL ENGINES ARE SOLD AS-IS! WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS ON THESE ENGINES!
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