Excellent condition. Please view my grading scale below. If my description says Micro Machines then it is an authentic Micro Machine. If it is another brand it will be described by the brand name such as Mattel or Funrise to name a few. If I say Micros I am using it in a generic way.. Authentic Micro Machines have a variety of signatures to include MM, Galoob, LGT, LT, Micro Machines and in the end Hasbro. Lots of people turn their nose up at Funrise but I have some really cool Funrise cars in my collection. That being said I will always tell you what you are buying.

New and Used do not describe condition. I have four categories that I use to describe Micros.

All my cars will be clean with no missing or broken parts.

1- New - These will be cars that are actually new out of the package.

2. Excellent - These are cars that quite often look new but I do not know for a fact that they are new out of the package. Many times I have known people who describe every new car in a package as mint. There are very few cars in the world that are mint. I know you can find something wrong with any car so I do not grade cars.I put a lot of new cars right out of the package in the excellent catagory bcause they have marks or even a chip but still very displayable. Mint is a dream.

3 - Used - cars will obviously
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