Micro Machines Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 21 figurines Megazord Dragonzord!

WOW! 21 pieces! All 6 rangers including the Green Ranger, some in different poses. Comes also with two putties, Squat, Goldar, a Blue Ranger bike, all 5 Dinozords (Mastodon! Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Sabertooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus!) And DRAGONZORD! And Megazord! Don't miss out! Sharpie is not included, it's there for scale. Sold as is! These are very rare to find, and if you look for each one separately you'll likely spend $100 or more! Don't miss out!
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International orders are taken care of through the Global Shipping System! Sold as is! No returns! Shipping takes between same day to 5 days the latest. Payment is expected between same day to 5 days MAX. If payment is not received after 5 days, item will be re-listed.
For Dinosaurs: These dinosaurs are second hand, meaning that they all had previous owners, so it is possible that they may have a little bit of playwear. I make sure I sell only those with the best possible condition and should any have any significant playwear, I would have that posted in the description. For electronic figures, I cannot guarantee that they all work, although most do. You are welcome to ask me to test one or send you one that roars from the get-go (yes, some do roar). These are great for kids and collectors alike.
For Non Dinosaur action figures,
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