Micro Seiki DD-1 Vintage Turntable, Works Fine

Micro Seiki has made some of the finest turntables, and was an OEM for many of the great name brands. This is a Micro Seiki DD-1 direct drive which doesn't seem to turn up very often. A good, basic manual turntable that doesn't have the automated mechanisms which eventually break down. It has 33 and 45 RPM with speed adjustment knobs and a strobe window to verify the speed. It has a very nice Micro Seiki tonearm and original headshell which are desirable in their own right. I have tested both speeds and speed controls are working properly, and that it plays records just fine. Cables out back for connecting to your preamp/receiver (you will need a phono input), connections verified good. No manuals but you don't really need one if you are familiar with basic setup and operation of turntables.
Included is a working Empire 350DE cartridge, unknown hours but needle looks OK under magnification and I verified that it plays fine. I believe that this is a middle of the road cartridge made for Empire by Azden.
I originally bought this thinking I would use the tonearm for another project but decided instead to fix it up, as it was in good shape. As the owner of over 10 turntables already, I just don't have the room to keep that many and want this to go to a new owner.
are the details of the condition. I rate the condition conservatively
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