MicroTrains N Chicago & Illinois Midland 50' Boxcar NIB

Greetings from Scotty the Treasure Hunter! This is a beautiful peice:) It is a Micro-Trains number 20476 Chicago & Illinois Midland 'Diamond Herald' 40' Box Car. This Car is in new in the box, never run, absolute mint condition and comes in the original jewel case with paper label. The Car features road number 16073 and was built 7-54. The jewel case is near mint. Very nice:)

For everyone, especially those who are new to my auctions:

I am not an expert in this items field. I describe the item to the best of my abilities and try to take good pictures. Please feel free to email any questions including requests for additional pictures. I will do my best to help and provide you with what you need to bid. With that said, this item is sold as is with no warranties. I use 'Shipping Calculator' to determine the fairest and most accurate shipping cost. I have added, depending on item size and weight, $1.50-$3.50 to this shipping cost to cover packing material, labeling and labor. I ship around 50-100 items per week and my days of scrounging packing materials are over...I've scrounged everything I can and it's all gone!...so, I have to buy boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tape, labels and ink. From what I've seen elsew this is a very reasonable fee to ensure your item arrives safe and sound and intact! If you are bidding
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