old (mid-1800's ?) dark wood ornate mantle/shelf clock

For auction: A (mid-1800's ?) mantle/shelf clock

in very good cosmetic condition ( other than

wanting a good cleaning & polishing).

It is in a v dark somewhat marbled wood

case with elegant and unique heavy brass

feet. It has the unique brass decorated

face,glass door dirty but unbroken, old

antique numbers and ornate (brass ?)

scrolls. The glass is approx. 5.5" circ.,

the clock:9.75"w x 5.25"w x 11.25"t.

I could not find any markings inside from

just a look, and did not want to chance

damage by takeing it apart to look for them.

Their looks to be the remains of a sticker

on the back w/ partial letters which i can

not read. (i am sure u clock experts know

what this piece is).It seems to be missing

a "weight" and a "key". Bout all i can

describe, any questions feel free to ask.

This is a very nice piece waiting for some

care and display.