Mid-19th Century Letters and Receipts

Lot of 4, including:
Robert J. Walker (1801-1869). US Sec. of Treasury under Pres. Polk (1845-1849), US Senator from Mississippi (1835-1845). ALS, 1p, dated at the Treasury Department, September 2, 1847, addressed to Capt. Charles West, appointing him "Keeper of the Light House" at Holmes Hole, Mass., with a salary of $350 per year.
LS, 1p, dated at the Commanding General's Office, Philadelphia, Feb. 22, 1840, ordering a Mr. E.S. Fayssoux, Military Storekeeper, to gather and pack clothing and supplies for an ordnance sergeant and deliver to a Capt. Irwin for transportation to Col. Kearney, 1st Dragoons, at Fort Leavenworth. Signed by the Commanding General, though the signature is hard to decipher.
Receipt for freight on the steamer Bridgeport, dated Sept. 17, 1857, for flour and sugar between Bridgeport, CT, and New York; 3 x 8 in.
Union Pacific Railway Company expense receipt, dated at Omaha, Dec. 6, 1888.