Mid-Eighteenth Century Silver Mug - Newport RI Interest

Offered is a great handled cup or mug with inscriptions relating to the Breese family of Newport and Philadelphia. The mug has rubbed British hallmarks underneath, and the shape of the leopard's head hallmark's shield indicates a date sometime between 1740-56. The date letter shield most closely represents 1752-53, and this may be the date. The maker's mark is mostly rubbed, with part of what appears to be an S remaining. The lion rampant and the leopard's head are quite clear, however.

This piece has inscriptions indicating it was first given as a wedding or anniversary gift from Major John Breese of His Britannic Majesty's 54th Regiment to Elizabeth Malbone, February 1st, 1778. Next it went from Mrs. Breese to Elizabeth Breese Dunnell, January 20th, 1828, and finally to Elizabeth Malbone Breese November 4th, 1877. T is also an armorial or device of a hunting horn and ribbon. The inscriptions may have all (with the exception of the device) been done at the time of the last event, as the script is similar. Maj. John Breese was a British officer in North America during the Revolution; he presided over a court martial in 1781, and according to the New England Historical & Genealogical Record for the year 1863, was stationed with his regiment in Newport, Rhode Island during the American Revolution. T he married Elizabeth
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