Mid Size Cocker Spaniel - Black (sitting) - Sandicast

Mid Size Cocker Spaniel



4" L x 3" W x 5" H
1 lb

This will make a Lovely Gift for someone special or a lovely gift for collectors.
Brand New in Box.
Highly detailed construction.
Ideal for display on your Fireplace mantel, Study, office, Living room, etc.
How to care for your Sandicast Statues :
Regularly dust Sandicast statues with a dry, soft toothbrush in order to keep them looking their best. To wash them, moisten a terry towel and gently wipe them down. You may use soap on white areas, but make sure not to use soap on any painted areas as this could damage your sculpture. To avoid maximum wear and tear, don't expose your statues to harsh elements. A few precautions and you'll enjoy your sculpture for years to come.