MID Telescoping Extra Long Mount telescopic Stand Mobile Rack for iPad/Tablet

Description: This is the telescopic mobile rack.
Suitable for bedroom use, Free desktop space, No longer for IPAD take in the hand and vexation.
Enjoy our life, use this product, and believe us!
* Installed in the table, the bed, placed on IPAD, can move freely. At a 142 MM to 253MM can elongation, 18MM thick table computer can also use. High performance super convenient shelf.
* Lies can also be used shelf fixed on the bed, IPAD do not h ave to take in hand, liberation of your hands. Before you go to sleep can also lay carefree playing with IPAD.
* Relaxed and desktop hands free activities the shelf fixed on the table to use, the IPAD placed on the shelf, liberation hands. IPAD did all can be placed use very convenient. IPAD2 and other tablet compute r, if the size of the can also use, please and effective use of good shelf, let the tablet computer use up more handy.
Compatible Model:

For iPad, XOOM, NI Adam, Kindle, Nook, Galaxy ETC