Mida Leonardo Argenti Silver Clown In Box Signed Gorgeous Art Work

Wonderful hand-painted silver clowns made in Italy by Mida and Leonardo Argenti. These great collectible silver clowns are a great gift for that someone special. This sculpture is hand crafted, laminated in silver and has beautiful contrasts of color. Comes in original box, has the Mark Mida signature on bottom of base, and is in excellent condition! Originally sold for over $200.00. I accept Paypal only and ship only in the continental US. Thanks for looking!

Sculptures by "Mida"

Authentic pieces created by master engravers and modellers. Finished in silver 925 using the silver moulding process. A mixture of modern and classic is the distringuishing feature of the sculptures by Mida, which enhance any type of decor. Careful research has resulted in soft simple forms created whth precission. These works of art have been created and designed to enhance everyday life. The sculptures by Mida are made of inert materials or marble dus covered by a silver leaf 925 using the galvanized process. They are then decorated using various finishing touches: touches of colour, gold, satin finish. The lacquered wooden bases onto which they are subsequently mounted add to the beauty of the object, enriching its aesthedtic value. Mida guarantees the authenticity of the materials used, by the stamp of its own trade mark which, in itself is
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