Midcentury Flores Arias Carved Wood Sculpture Sad Woman (crying) SIGNED

Vintage Rare Flores Arias Carved Wood SAD Woman Sculpture
Arias Wooden Sculpture
Measures 11" tall approx.
The base measures 4 3/8" x 3 3/8".
GREAT Vintage condition. some general marks on base. There is line maybe ink on the front.
There a line by the side, this is original as part of the sculpture design, it comes from the eye like a long tear from her sadness, reflecting how mexican women especially indigenous at that time turn down the head and cover their sorrow ans submissionwith their "rebozo" (flat garment used mostly by women in Mexico. It can be worn in various ways, usually folded or wrapped around the head and/or upper body to shade from the sun, provide warmth and as an accessory to an outfit. It is also used to carry babies and large bundles, especially among indigenous women) mexican women used to use it as a shield between them and the world; but sometimes the pain can't be contained by the rebozo and shows externally.
Please review all pictures. Comes as shown.
Very beautiful piece of art.
There is very littleinformation about this artist Maestro Ignacio Flores Arias who was born in Mexicocontemporaneouswith Frida Kalho era and others great mexican artists; all I couldfound is he that was in chargeof the of the School and shop of the Sculptures on Wood in late 50's and 60's at the
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