Middle FingerTow Bar / Ball / Hitch Cover - TOWHEADS

Middle Finger tow bar / tow hitch cover from the original TOWHEADS collection - This TOWHEAD is caled "FRANK - THE FINGER"

The cover fits over both 2 inch and 50 mm diameter tow hitch / tow balls.

PLEASE NOTE:- the metal tow bars/balls/hitches featured in the photo are not included in the sale. You are buying the cover only!

Although having a TOWHEAD on the back of your vehicle is primarily a fun thing to do, TOWHEADS also play their part in keeping your tow bar or trailer hitch receiver clean - ensuring that you can connect your trailer without having to open your tool kit first.

TOWHEADS were born as a result of an idea I had when I modified one of my daughter's toys and popped it over my rusty tow ball. After deciding that I was going to make a commercial product line from my idea, I knew that the only way people would buy them would be if they were lifelike. I therefore tracked down a British sculptress of animal bronzes to make the original models for my first collection.

Each TOWHEAD is produced by the injection moulding method using tough PVC material and is then finished by hand painting with non-toxic paints - some needing as many as nine different colors to ensure they end up being true to life. TOWHEADS will not split or tear as a result of either intense summer heat or extreme
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