Midge/Barbie #5 Brunette Bubblecut, w/ Original Outfit

I am listing a Vintage Barbie doll for a friend. Although she has had this doll since childhood, neither of us know much about the "COLLECTING" aspect. So I will supply you with details and Pictures as I seen with my eyes. Please ask if I leave anything out or let me know if I missinterpet any details. If anyone has any information about this doll that I may not be aware of, PLEASE share with me.

we go:

Hair --- Dark Brunette Bubblecut, tight and in tact.

Face --- Nice make-up, full eyebrows, eyeliner, no flaws noticed.

NECK --- No cracks, no flaws noticed.

Ears --- No Green , Can't tell if the the earring holes are open or not. No flaws.

Torso -- No damage or cracks, marked on right butt cheek " Midge 1962 -- Barbie 1968 -- by Matel Inc -- Patented "

* Left Butt cheek marked " 5 ".

Arms -- No damage, RT arm marked " 304 NN ", Lt arm marked " 113 NN ".

Hands --- Both hands complete w/ full set of fingers, no damage, some polish on all fingernails, some more that others.

Legs --- Straight, non-bendable, No damage, may need light cleaning.

Toes --- Complete, no damage, some polish on each nail, (more on some than others) .

Feet --- No damage, " JAPAN " small lettering , on ball of right foot.

OUTFIT --- Original Barbie
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