MIDGE Barbie's Best Friend, 1962, w. Clothes & Barbie Case, Doll is Excellent!

Midge was put away carefully by my mother, face down to save her flip hairdo, wrapped in plastic to keep her as clean as possible, and with her clothes and little box of hand bags and little swim suit covered in additional fabric. Yeahhh Mommie! Lots of her clothes are long gone, but here's what's left. Also some clothes had sewn by my mother. Nurse, jumper with applique, apron, black cocktail dress, and some other vintage classics. Lots of pics. Poke around! Midge needs to do laundry, though! They're all a bit dusty even carefully packed. Barbie case is only in okay shape. One side is bent out and it's a little dirty. Handle and clasp are good, though. This is the original Midge, first year of production, which was 1962, I think. Which dovetails with how old I was when I got her. The case came out also in 1962, but I think I got that the following year. This little girl is in REALLY good shape! I can't find anything wrong with her and I can not BELIEVE how good her hair still is!