Midway HOT SHOT ARCADE GAME-Basketball-Check all auctions-GREAT ATTRACTION

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL MY AUCTIONS. I have over 30 used arcade pieces for sale. THEY ALL MUST GO! Entertaining all offers. Don't be shy, put a best offer in there!
CONDITION RATINGS! These are not home collector pieces. They are on route, have been on route for years, and are graded as such. I have rated each one with a 1-10 rating scale, 10 being like it just came off the crate and 1 being ready for the scrap yard. You are to expect scratches and knicks, along with general wear from being on route. What you are not to expect is water damage, mice, and machines that have been dropped, crushed, or otherwise reconstructed. If you have specific questions about the condition of any machine that is up for auction, EMAIL us and WE WILL get back to you asap via phone or email. ALL LOCKS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE UNITS AT TIME OF REMOVAL. YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANY LOCKS AS THEY ARE ALL OUR ROUTE LOCKS AND ARE KEYED ALIKE.
You may see other items in the picture, but the only item you are bidding on in this auction is listed BELOW
IN THIS AUCTION you are bidding on a Midway basketball game, Hot Shot. This is based on a pinball platform and uses WPC gear. Currently is showing two bad fuse errors. For the sake of time unit is being sold as is, It has some sun fade, but otherwise a solid 7 on the condition scale.
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