Midway Islands 10 Goonies and Short Snorter WW II

Midway Islands 10 Goonies and Short Snorter WW II.Very very rare items from U. S forces stationed on the Midway Islands in 1945. To my knowledge the 10 Goonies note was the only denomination ever printed. This is not listed in World War II Remembered but was going to be listed in the second edition according to Jospeh Boling, but it was never published. It is believed that A. Oexle was the Commanding Officer of the base (In Oexle We Trust). He signed it above the motto. Scaevola (Land of sand and scaevola) is a wildflower that was prolific there. A goony is a large bird indigenous to the island, which is pictured on the front of both items. The companion item is specifically designed for writing a message from someone stationed on the island. It is dated 1945. There are two types of short snorters. The most common is a regular banknote that is signed by people participating in some common activity. The most common of these are banknotes signed by soldiers or sailors that are usually in the same theatre of operation. You can see some of these on eBay by just searching for "short snorter". The second type is a special souvenir note, again typically of military origin. You can see some of these on Page 427 of World War Two Remembered. I have had these for more than twenty five years. The ten Goony note was purchased in Australia

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I will be selling a major part of my collection during the next few months mostly by individual country. This weekend’s listing will have single notes from Panama, Mali, French Guinea, Azores/Portugal pair and Ceylon multiple notes from Bhutan, Ceylon/Sri Lanka and selected Pacific Islands, some of which are quite scarce and rarely offered for sale, especially the World War II notes.

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