PLEASE IGNORE THE 'FLASH' SPARKLES AND REFLECTIONS IN MY PHOTOS - NOT FLAWS! Most of my pictures have a horizontal reflection at the bottom of the marble picture - go figure.


NOTE ABOUT GRADING: I use the grading system described in Robert Block's Identification and Price Guide adopted by the Marble Collectors Society of America:

MINT: A marble that is in original condition. The surface is unmarked and undamaged. Although t may be some minor rubbing on the surface, the marble is just the way it came from the factory. (10.0-9.0)

NEAR MINT: A marble that has seen minor usage. T may be evidence of some hit marks, ususally tiny subsurface moons, pinprick chips, tiny flakes or tiny bruises. The damage is inconsequential and does not detract from viewing the marble. If t is noticeable damage, then it is on only one side of the marble and the other side is Mint. (8.9-8.0)

GOOD: A marble that has seen usage. It will have numerous hit marks, subsurface moons, chips, flakes or bruises. The core can still be seen clearly, but the marble has obviously been used. If the damage is large or deep, then it is confined to one side and the other side is Mint to Near Mint. (7.9-7.0)

COLLECTIBLE: A marble that has seen significant usage. Overall moons, chips, flakes and bruises. The core
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