Fabulous interactive plush heroine from the movie, Barbie & the Three Musketeers . MIETTE is a cuddly, soft plush. Like a real Musketeer, Miette has a cavalier’s hat and fluffy feather.

Children can interact with Kitten Miette by stroking, patting & tickling her. She will also respond to voice commands!! Plus Miette purrs, talks and moves along with the music and movie!

The more she is played and cuddled with the more Barbie Kitten Miette will say and do.

What can Barbie Kitten Miette do?

Barbie Kitten Miette is one of those kids toys games that children can use in imaginative, let’s pretend play the year round.

Kitten Miette is activated by gently pressing her paw, tummy, back or nose. Inside, her child-safe animatronics enable her to wriggle or pounce and synchronise her mouth as she talks and sings.

Here’s some of what Barbie Kitten Miette can say:

Will you kiss my nose?
What a good story!
It’s all about me…Miette…meow
Mew…I love you

Plus Miette sneezes, purrs and kitten growls. This cute, interactive plush puppet has a range of kitten moves. Kitten Miette can :

Sit down or stand up Lift her paw
Shake her head
Pounce like a kitten
Wiggle her tail like a cat
Arch her back
Give you a kiss
Sit up and beg just
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