Mike Swain Ne Waza Judo Groundfighting - complete set - 4 volumes on 2 DVDs

Mike Swain's NeWaza DVDs are the most advanced Judo instructional videos ever produced. Whether you’re a judo player, Jiu-Jitsu practitioner or a serious ground fighter, you can now learn effective ground fighting and submission skills from this amazing DVD series. The main focus of this instructional series is ground grappling, ground control and submissions. This series was recently professionally re-mastered for DVD by World Martial Arts LTD. This is the same company that produced Mario Sperry and many more. These DVDs are real DVD-Video. There is a total of 4 volumes and close to 4 hours of instructional materiel on this set. This is the very best Judo Grappling series on the market!

Volume 1 - Judo Takedowns to Ground Control
This is an extremely important video for any judo ground fighter or grappler. It teaches you how to gain control of an opponent after a takedown.

Volume 2 - Judo Ground Fighting Volume 1
Advanced judo ground fighting at its best. Learn why Mike Swain is considered to be one of the greatest ground fighters alive. This video covers arm bars, chokes, pins and more, in easy to follow and understand instructions.

Volume 3 - Judo Ground Fighting Volume 2
More advanced judo ground fighting. Covers fighting from the bottom or the guard position. Learn extremely advanced sweeps, reversals

Volume 4 - The Ultimate Judo Armbar Video
Mike Swain shows his world famous armbars in the most advanced and detailed instructional video ever produced. Learn how to easily obtain an armbar on your most stubborn or strongest grappling opponents!

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