Mikiphone Swiss Portable Pocket Phonograph Gramophone 1926 Working Complete

Nice MIKIPHONE Swiss Made Clock-type movement vintage phonograph from 1926 era. They reproduce these in Poland, but this is an original. No original leather carry case, otherwise complete and ready to assemble. Only flaw is the slightest crack in one of the resonator halfs, barely noticeable. Tested and seemed to run fine, but ran down after time (too scared to wind it fully) Seems robust, though. Please ask any questions you may have on this item, full 14 day return. Quite the conversation piece for your friends and the centerpiece of your collection. These have sold for up to $1800 here on eBay recently, here is a chance to get on for less than they normally go for.
The Mikiphone was a portable record player manufactured by a Swiss company in 1924. It folded up into a circular tin roughly the diameter of a CD, and it wasn't a pop-it-open-and-play affair; the thing required assembly. It was powered via handcrank and didn't have a speaker, but something called a "resonator" to amplify the sound. Still, it could play records up to 10 inches in diameter