Mil Kevlar helmet, Lt. weight, high ballistic, like ACH

This is a custom-modified helmet; you won't find this for sale elsew! This helmet is genuine US military surplus and has been modified for greater utility, comfort and stability. Before modification, each helmet is visually inspected to ensure that t are no cracks, gouges or deformation that would degrade performance. After winning, this helmet can be painted in OD Green, Desert Tan or Black as the buyer desires.


*Manufactured by Gentex, or SDS

*Meets the requirements of MIL-H-44117A.

*Ballistic protection rating of V50 2,250 fps (685 Mps) minimum.

*Light helmet still rated for ballistic protection (~2.5 lbs), Model DH-132B.

*Adjustable chinstrap and Velcro-attached pads allow fitting to most heads.

*Size Large.

*Multi-point adjustable chinstrap (four-point adjustability - front and back on the right and left) with a quick release buckle. Chinstrap is the same as used on issue ACH helmets. Manufactured by SDS.

*Foam padding is arranged to cushion impacts and provide air circulation.

*Pads are high-quality neoprene foam rubber measuring a 50 on the Shore 00 scale.

*Foam conforms to the performance standards of ASTM D 1056.

*High cuts over ears allow usage of many popular hearing protection and communication devices (MePaBlu, Sordin, Peltor COM-TAC,
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