Up for bid is this European military field insulated food container/carrier with approx 4 gallon or 16 liter capacity. Designed to be carried as a backpack with the back straps with tail pad and belly strap. Primary function of this set it to keep food hot until it can be served to troops in the field. It is quite heavy empty weighing over 35 lbs. The insulated case carries 4 containers that will hold approx 1 gallon each. These will be liter measurements. I am guessing at the capacities as the capacities are not marked anyw on the cases that I could find and it is possible to be off a little but it is close. The containers have locking lids with heat exchanger valves or steam ports in lid. These containers are not insulated but likely made of stainless steel with locking lids that lock in two places. These containers measure approx 6-1/2" square x 7-1/2" tall. The out side container is insulated and made of steel on the outside (OD green) and stainless steel on the inside. Heavy rubber or rubber like gasket helps seal the lock down lid. The lid locks down with a heavy single hand tighten nut. The outside container measure approx 18" tall x 15" wide and 7-1/2 deep (front to back). Also included are two long handled stainless steel ladles. The container is manufactured by Franke Co. This set is similar to
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