Military Army Surplus Tactical Knife w/ Coast Guard Insignia 10-1/4" & Sheath 36

10-1/4" over all length with a 5-1/4" blade, saw tooth back, handle is covered with .550 parachute cord, the scabbard is a light weight cavas construction with velcroe straps, does not have belt loop, worn as a boot knife or attached to LBE or Hunters Vest or Jacket. Has a US Coast Guard Insignia attached, a great utility knife, personal protection or use in close combat (I am a Combat Vet). The 550 cord can be used for several purposes in a pinch. s/h for US $1.95, I will combine item. 14 Day Return policy. International Contact Me, I do not ship to Portugal, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia or China

Cannot ship to Residents of California or Mass.