2 Military Canteens with covers ARMY NEW insulated

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Genuine US ARMY Surplus Canteens with Covers

(2) 2 Quart Plastic Canteens - Issued (fully functional)

(2) NEW Insulated ALICE style covers (will also clip onto belt or pack)

- Heavy duty Plastic Latch

- Removable Shoulder strap

- Small pouch for water purification tablets

- Thick Fur like insulation.

Perfect for Camping, Hunting, Hiking Etc. Insulation helps keep your liquids warm or cold. These are authentic US Military issue. Canteens are in issued - used condition and canteen covers-pouches are Brand New.

* Note from the seller: These canteen covers make incredible hand warmer pouches for ice-fishing, hunting, skiing, football games, etc. Especially if you use the little chemical hand warmer pouches.

All of these items are genuine US ARMY surplus. Made in USA military tough and battle proven.

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