Military Generator PE-95-I , K Power Unit manual pouch

This is an operation and service manual for the PE-95-I and PE-95-K military power unit or generator, Korean War vintage. I believe the power unit was made by Onan. The manual has no cover and the first page (1 and 2) are missing. The last page present is page 70 and it is detached. I don't know if there were other pages beyond 70, but page 70 is part of a long list of parts specifications. It comes with the original waterproof pouch or records holder. Pouch appears to be canvas with a coating of something like Neoprene. It folds and snaps shut, but one snap is missing. There is a cloth strap about a half inch wide attached to the pouch. Reasonably good condition for a well-used 60 year old item.