Military Radio Bag - Harris Manpack Radio Bag

You are looking at a military issue radio bag that is in excellent condition, that has been used since the Vietnam era. The bag has 3/4" inch thick padding in all four internal walls and internal securing straps that are located on the bottom half. It has three external pouches for antenna's (L), wires (R) and batteries (Front). The internal dimensions of the bag are app. 20" x 8" x 14". I was to lazy to get the dimensions of the external pouches, but they are spacious enough to almost match the inside dimensional capabilities. It is made of sturdy stitching and comes with synch down straps and gypsy snaps to secure the pouches and main bag. This bag is solidly built and because it is not new it shows minor some signs of usage, but it will be free of rips, holes, patches and dirt.
If you have something fragile to carry then this bag is for you. For 3 and half years I stored and hid my Absolut bottles in one of these during deployments and it never failed me.