Military Trailer Adapter M101a2 M1101 M1102 M416 M105 M116a2 M35a2 M35a3 M37

military trailer adapter harness Adapter- RV round 7 to a NATO 12 Pin Female. Allows towing of MILITARY Trailers with a Stanard Factory Equiped Pickup. This harness works for M101A1.. M101A2..M101A3 AND M1101 M105 M116 M416.. this will work with any military trailer that has the standard 12 pin wiring harness .Great for picking up your military trailer from a online auction!!! This harness is plug and play. NO cutting or splicing the water proof wires and plugs, and no guess work. I also sale military LED taillight to convert your military trailer to 12v. Also can make the harness with a flat 4 prong hookup. Also make a harness to hook up your military truck to civilian trailer!! if you need more then one harness or have any questions just send me a message!!! Thank you

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