Milk Bottle -The Milk Protector

Bottle is Embossed with a cow and a man milking the cow. Embossed letters states Absolutely Pure Milk-The Milk Protector. Mold blown and tooled lip. This bottle is different because of the bubbles, tears, and swirls inside the glass. The bottle measures 11 1/2 inches High and 12 inches in diameter. Very unique bottle. Did you know that the first milk bottle patent was issued in the 1880's to the Warren Glass Works Company? The most famous milk bottle was designed in 1884 by Dr. Harvey D. Thatcher, a physician and druggist from Potsdam, New York. This glass bottle had an embossed cow being milked. In 1889 the Thatcher Company brought out this bottle. These bottles also contained the embossed cow with a man milking and the wording Absolutely Pure Milk. This paticular bottle is pretty just to display or you can store a quart of milk in it. The cork closures are still intack. This bottle is in mint condition.