Milking Machine, McCormick Deering Milker

Up for auction is this top quality vintage Milking Machine milker, sold in AS IS CONDITION. Bidder is urged to make a knowledgeable decision to bid on this item based on the item description and actual pictures of the item. Folks buy these milkers for milking cows, goats, sheep and other milk producing livestock. Others buy them for their personal collection, at times for umbrella storage, and sometimes as a container for liquid in the process of making home brew. The pail is identified as McCormick Deering, USA. Pail measures 14-1/2" high, 12-1/2" diameter at the bottom, with a opening diameter of 9 inches. The item as pictured weighs about 18 lbs. so you know this is made from heavy duty stainless steel. A serviceable gasket is fixed on the pail lid, along with a shut off valve. The pulsator is marked International Harvester, the internal parts move freely indicating it should work. T are three ports on the pulsator, one is capped off, two are open, indicating it was used for goats or other two teated livestock, or connection to milking claws. Three stainless steel shells are provided in this offer in case someone wanted to open the third port. Age deteriorates rubber hoses and inflations so they have been removed for this offering. New rubber parts are available from Thank you for your interest and happy bidding.