Mill Creek Studio Sea Quest #26280 - Whale

The Festive Plum proudly offers Natural Beauty From Mill Creek Studios. Guaranteed Next Business Day Shipment Domestic Shipping by USPS Priority Mail The Festive Plum Offers New Merchandise The Festive Plum Combines Multiple Purchases The Festive Plum Treats You Like a Customer OFFERED ITEM: Mill Creek Studio's Sea Quest #26280 - Whale Item Description Thank you for considering Sea Quest #26280 artistic sculpture from Mill Creek Studios. These works are beautifully crafted with finely detailed features. Mill Creek Studios is reknowned for its attention to detail resulting in artwork that beautifully presents the natural world.
Every inspired piece from Mill Creek Studios is crafted from a controlled blend of fine resins and pure white alabaster , or alabaster and porcelain powders.
Each sculpture is finished in a natural palette using the finest artist acrylics applied layer upon layer by skilled artisans. The beautiful finish is designed to enhance and define all the subtle detail of the artwork, as well as contribute to the life and realism of the subject.
"For me a work must first have a vitality of its own. I do not mean a reflection of the vitality of life, of movement, physical action, frisking, dancing figures, and so on, but that a work can have in it a pent-up energy, an intense life of its own, independent
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