Miller High Life Antique Lighted Beer Sign 50's AMAZING

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Just about new!!

This auction is for an absolutely AMAZING Miller High Life Sign. I have probably sold 60 neon, mirror and lighted signs on ebay and this is the most original, oldest and interesting sign I have ever had. I cannot get an exaxt date on it, but I am thinking it was origianlly made in the 1960's from the way it is put togther and looks. The best thing about this sign is it actually LIGHTS UP!! A extreme rare feature from these signs. On the front is says "Enjoy Life" then in the center it says "Miller High Life". On the back, it says the famous slogan "Miller High Life" then below it "The Champagne of Beers" This sign is 42 inches long by 14 iches tall by 3 1/2 inches wide. On the bottom of the sign w the white are is, is a long area that can hold 3 1/2 inch letter. It was an option on these sign so that the buyer could put letters in t If you don't have the letters, don't worry about it. The strip is hardly noticeable that holds the letters so it doesn't matter if you have them. I don't think anyone ever used letters on this piece. The sign itself was made by Lake Side Plastics out of Minneapolis, close to the Headquarters in Milwaukee. If you look at the pictures of the back of the sign, you will see little dots spread all over it. These are the screws that
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