MillerMark Hand Turned WORMY CHESTNUT PEN Rare Gift

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This auction consists of one Wormy Chestnut pen hand-turned on my wood lathe. This pen was turned from a tobacco stake that was found in the top of an 80 year old Wormy Chestnut barn in rural North Carolina. (see picture of barn) The style is "Big Ben" or "Cigar" and the ball point is fine with black ink. The refill can be replaced with a standard "Cross" type refill found at office supply stores. The hardware is Black Titanium & compliments the wood in the pen's body very well. The ever-so-popular Wormy Chestnut "worm holes" are seen throughout the pen. (see pictures) This pen features a Cigar pen body and has proven to be an excellent fine writing instrument for a man. Customers who have arthritis in their hands have commented on how much easier this style of pen is for them to grasp & the weight of the pen aides in writing even more.

About MillerMark Pens

I was raised in the majestic mountians of North Carolina and have always enjoyed being outdoors and spending time in the woods. The idea of turning something small on my wood lathe came from an 80 year old Wormy Chestnut barn that my brother and I reclaimed from the mountains of North Carolina. In the top of the barn were hundreds of Wormy Chestnut tobacco stakes. I thought it would be such a waste not to use every
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