Millers Falls grinder / buffer arbor - belt driven

Model #120 Millers Falls grinder/buffer arbor has a 4" by 4" base. The arbor shaft is 8" long and the center of the shaft is 6" from the bottom of the base. One side is threaded right handed , the other left handed. Both sides have the original nut for securing a grind stone, buffing wheel, sanding disk or other circular device up to 1" thick. The shaft is 1/2" diameter and looks like 24 tpi threads. The shaft turns easily by hand without any wobble. Probably not used much, if ever.

The pully wheel is 1/2" inside. Oil cups on both sides.

No hidden charges. Your bid includes the tool and insured shipping with delivery confirmation. This is a heavy iron casting so it will be sent in a flat rate box.