Set of three castings, recast from originals in cast iron for the Mills Brownie Slot machine of the teens and 20's era. They are not original castings .These are copper plated and highlighted, and pictures show various color variations under different types of light. They will need drilling and tapping, filing and fitting, and casting flash removal. In this condition they are sold on an "as-is" basis and are not returnable. Please email with any questions before bidding. Size is approximately 8 5/8 inches wide by approximately 6 5/8 inches high.

Nice detail to the castings (see photos), made in America.

If you are missing the head to your Mills Brownie, these will do until the sky opens up and you can purchase an original set. Use these for your slot machine for now, or they're cheap enough to put them on the shelf for the future, or just display them with your other slot memorabilia.

All things considered, a person could not reproduce four of these for this starting price.

Figure a box 12x12x6 and weight of 12 pounds for shipping calculation.

As with everything we sell, you must be happy with your purchase or the ITEM price will be refunded (refund covers the price paid for the item, shipping is not refundable). Please notify us within 10 days of receipt of any concerns.
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